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Delegate information for CSM3

The delegates of CSM3 in player voted order. Please note that alternates are not allowed to raise issues directly and can only vote when there are less than 9 full delegates available.

DelegatePlayer VotesMeetingsProposals
AttendedExcusedAbsentRaisedVoted On
Dierdra VaalDierdra Vaal2967100000
Vuk LauVuk Lau202081100
Erik FinneganErik Finnegan1825100000
Omber ZombieOmber Zombie131962200
Larkonis TrasslerLarkonis Trassler
(Removed Meeting 8)
Meissa AnunthielMeissa Anunthiel113270300
Issler DainzeIssler Dainze
(Promoted Meeting 8)
Serenity Steele (alt)Serenity Steele927109(alternate)0
Shatana Fulfairas (alt)Shatana Fulfairas832307(alternate)0
Chip Mintago (alt)Chip Mintago7660010(alternate)0
Weazy Z (alt)Weazy Z5690010(alternate)0

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