The Voting for CSM5 has begun however you have till May 19th so if you are still undecided you have time to make up your mind on who would best represent you.

One way to do that (other than reading blogs and threads on the Jita Park Speakers Forum) is Dierdra Vaal’s Vote Match. This tool will allow you to pick issues of importance to you and find a candidate who has similar views.

Of course whatever you do I would urge you to pick not based on hot button issues or promises that they cannot possibly keep but instead look at their long term commitment. With previous CSMs you can see the activity level drops off from many delegates once their pet projects have been raised.

Some of us are in for the long haul and hopefully if you are reading this you’ve seen my level of commitment to the process 🙂

Vote for somebody willing to put in the effort. Hopefully you think I am the candidate for you 🙂