We are into the last full day of CSM5 campaigning and I have to give many thanks to my friends in Agony and elsewhere for their support over the past few weeks. Special thanks to Spinward for running another new seminar for free. We’ll get the MP3 up as soon as we can.

My interview with the Eve Tribune has been published. Due to timing it wasn’t done as a “live” interview and thus the questions are not tailored to my replies. I also sent it off after a very long day at work so I apologise for any glaring errors 😉

In other news, I’ve been tweaking and adding stuff to the CSM Database which I plan to keep updated for CSM5 (hopefully from a position on the council, perhaps Secretary ;)) Thanks for the various suggestions for enhancements, I’ll see what I can do.

Lastly the journalist who visited the CCP CSM4 summit has published an article which you can read here. There should also be a 5 page article in the USA version of PC Gamer Magazine, I’m waiting for my copy to arrive so can’t check yet.

If you haven’t yet voted because you have questions etc please get in touch or just click this handy link 😉