Firstly, the voting summaries and raw logs for meeting 2 and 3 are available from the CSM Database. The edited summaries are work in progress due to the frequency of meetings (three in two weekends), the 8th Alliance Tournament (watching and competing in) as well as extra hours at work to get things ready before I head to Iceland for the CSM5 summit. This leads me to the following question.

What format should I provide the CSM5 minutes in?

The main requirement from the CSM Secretary is to make meeting minutes available. Other than raw chat logs (minus any NDA information) there isn’t really any guidance on what additional formats (if any) should be provided.

For CSM4 I chose to release the raw logs (as a txt file and on the wiki), a TL : DR summary for the forums and this blog and finally a fairly verbose summary document which was almost line for line from the raw logs edited for readability with minor restructuring of interleaving/off topic discussions.

Now the raw and TL : DR don’t take very long at all to produce, but the edited summary can be fairly time consuming and I’ve had some feedback that most people read the TL : DR then if interested drill down into the raw logs. Considering the amount of time these edited versions take I’m wondering if I should produce a very very brief summary of each discussion instead. This would probably take less time but would enough people then miss the more verbose summary?

I’m looking for comments from the community because ultimately it is you guys and gals who need to have this information available. Please let me know 🙂