A quick update, but probably overdue 😉

Firstly I’m supporting a change to Hybrid weapons (because now roflkits have been looked at I guess it is time ;)). Please add your support and/or comments so we can attempt to get CCP to look into it.

Secondly there has been a flurry of activity between CCP and CSM about a number of issues. One is pretty big and hopefully CCP will make an announcement about that soon. Suffice to say these discussions, the regular CSM meetings and in RL working out my notice period from voluntary redundancy have eaten most of my free time.

Thirdly I have dropped from 6 accounts to 4 partly because of the lack of time to play but mostly in protest of CCP announcing they were looking into microtransactions. This subject deserves its own blog post and I will try to throw something together but the TL:DR version is that I dislike the idea of CCP withholding content from expansions (even purely vanity items) to bulk up a microtransaction store. I dislike even more the potential of game balance changing items.

Lastly, unless I get thrown off the CSM for causing trouble :P, I will be at Fanfest 2011. Hopefully I’ll get to take part in the tweetfleetmeet (for those who follow twitter check out the #tweetfleet tag) and I suspect that CSM5 will be on stage for a presentation + Q&A session too. No idea what will happen about the PVP tournie, I’d love to play commentator again but that is out of my hands 😉

Until next time