There was a new dev blog giving more information about the feature that the Incursion expansion is named for. The Eve wide Incursion of Sansha ships.

Suffice to say there are mixed feelings from the players depending on backgrounds but ignoring the NPC alt flames the opinion seems to be that the system as presented has issues.

I think so too and now the information is public I can talk about it 😉

I was always uneasy about CCP adding a third type of PVE content rather than (if they really wanted to do a PvE expansion) iterating on either mission agents or (my preference) Factional Warfare, but I did think that some of the technology such at the updated AI was pretty interesting.

After the CSM5 summit when the minutes were badly received by the public various Devs contacted the CSM to complain that the Incursion feature was being misrepresented (due to the CSM stating a preference for CCP to focus on other things and most of the session being hit by the NDA stick in the minutes). Their concern was that Incursion would be looked at negatively by the players without getting a fair chance.

We can now see that CCP want players to use this new functionality so badly that they are willing to enforce participation via system wide penalties instead of making the rewards compelling enough on their own. I dislike this direction and said so at the time.

The only good news is that they also announced a delay to the Incursion feature so there is hope that whatever they do release does work properly.

My motivation to play Eve keeps taking knocks 🙁