No really, undocked and everything…

… Just not on my main account 😉
I found an alt account was eligible for 15 days free time, so I thought I would check Inferno out.

Tea's alt is grumpy at the loss of her headpiece
Tea’s alt is grumpy at the loss of her headpiece
First task was to use the char creator now it is enforced. It’s better but I still maintain it is a long way off being able to truly be called the worlds most advanced char creator (it’s just a simple fact that the creator has many many limitations compared to the ones other games have. You might be able to say it is the most photo-realistic but not advanced).
Second task was to turn off the captains’ quarters 😉

Then I realised that I had carefully moved almost all assets to my main account so had very little to work with and almost no ships 😉 A quick raid of the alt corp wallet and I was back in business, with a L4 Mission BS anyway. Pvp is planned however and I will of course post about it later 🙂
So far the UI looks a bit crisper (I guess the new font is in) and the autopilot changes are good. The inventory changes though… Well the loot all button is nice 😉
The random nature of windows moving around the screen between docked and undocked and the trees hiding are less nice. It’s work in progress I know, I will reserve judgement. That said the filters are long overdue and having estimated item values is quite nifty.
Not sure yet if I’ll be around past the free time, but never say never 😉