In game my name is TeaDaze and I have been playing Eve since 2005. I would like you to consider voting for me in this the fourth session of the CSM. Currently I specialise in 0.0 small gang PvP but like many people I started as an empire carebear running missions and for a while was a member of a space-holding alliance. I also dabble in market trading, run a reaction pos and am involved with low scale T2 production via invention so have a wide variety of game experience to draw on.

I am probably best known for being one of the commentators from the 7th Alliance tournament, however don’t let that put you off 😉 I have been a member of Agony Unleashed for 18 months and am one of their instructors. We run public classes for players, many new to PvP, about how to fight and survive in 0.0. We treat anyone in 0.0 as fair game but at the same time we respect our opponents (depending on how they react ;)) and have a no smack policy. I have no political connection to large space holding alliances and can be seen as an objective third party in that respect.

Like many people I have ideas for ways that Eve can be improved, however I also understand that being a CSM representative is not a platform for me to propose my ideas directly but is instead a position of responsibility to promote the ideas raised and voted for by you, the players, via the Assembly forum. To that end rather than posting a list of changes I would make (some of which other people have already addressed in CSM #3 though they might not be implemented yet) I will instead cover my general stance on issues.

  • Risk should be rewarded.
  • In general buffing a weaker item is preferable to nerfing stronger ones.
  • Not all ships have to be good at solo PvP.
  • Flexibility is important so people can use ships in ways not intended; within reason.
  • Racial differences in ships and weapons should be maintained rather than homogenizing everything however these must be balanced in some other way.
  • Tactics should have a place in countering overwhelming numbers.

I will always listen to a well made argument for or against a specific issue passed to the CSM and if elected I will debate them to the best of my ability without political bias.

I look forward to answering your questions.

Vote for TeaDaze!