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Delegate information for CSM4

Proposals raised by Z0D during CSM4

ProposalRaised duringVoting Status
Align To Bookmarks4.007Passed 8 for, 0 against
Black Ops Improvements, Part 24.002Passed 9 for, 0 against
Character Transfer Transparency and Data Cleanup4.007Failed 1 for, 7 against
Contract Login Update Notification4.009Passed 9 for, 0 against
Destroyer Improvements4.003Passed 9 for, 0 against
FW - CCP Inaction Towards Bugs/Exploits4.004Passed 9 for, 0 against
FW - Lack of Development Part 24.004Passed 7 for, 1 against
FW Complex Spawning Issues Part 24.002Passed 9 for, 0 against
In-Game Account Expiration Countdown4.006Passed 9 for, 0 against
Ingame Events Menu4.003Passed 8 for, 0 against
Lock Characters to Prevent Theft4.003Proposal sent back for rework
Logistics Ship Warp Speed4.002Passed 9 for, 0 against
More control over medals4.006Passed 9 for, 0 against
Put More Faction Items On Market4.003Passed 9 for, 0 against
Sorting Deliveries4.007Passed 7 for, 1 against
Sources of Mineral Investigation4.009Passed 9 for, 0 against
Suicide Ganking Discussion4.003Passed 7 for, 2 against

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