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Delegate information for CSM4

Proposals raised by Song Li during CSM4

ProposalRaised duringVoting Status
Add scan probes to overview4.005Passed 7 for, 0 against
Alliance action confirmation windows4.003Passed 7 for, 0 against
Alliance Logos4.002Passed 9 for, 0 against
Mining crystals change color of mining laser beam4.003Passed 6 for, 1 against
Modular Starbase4.002Passed 9 for, 0 against
ORE Faction Control Tower4.005Passed 6 for, 1 against
Scan-able wrecks and containers for the salvager profession4.004Passed 8 for, 1 against
Shared Corporation Bookmarks4.002Passed 8 for, 1 against
T3 Refitting inside Wspace4.005Passed 7 for, 0 against
Tradable and Subscribable BlockLists (Version 2)4.005Failed 3 for, 4 against
Tradable Ban Lists4.002Failed 3 for, 6 against

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