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Delegate information for CSM5

Proposals raised by mazzilliu during CSM5

ProposalRaised duringVoting Status
Allow remote jumpclone removal5.009Passed 9 for, 0 against
API security and development priority changes5.005Passed 9 for, 0 against
Better Account Status Notification5.009Passed 9 for, 0 against
CCP commit to excellence, no toppings left behind5.009Failed 2 for, 6 against
Clarify the actual changes when updating the eula5.005Passed 9 for, 0 against
Covert Reconfiguration Offensive Subsystems5.009Proposal Withdrawn
Create a new subsection for lotteries in EVE Marketplace5.005Passed 9 for, 0 against
Devs Should Play the Game5.005Failed 4 for, 5 against
Fix blasters5.009Failed 1 for, 8 against
Give unallocated skillpoints for all players on sisi every mirror5.007Passed 6 for, 3 against
GMs and Bans5.009Passed 9 for, 0 against
List of Sov Complaints5.009Proposal Withdrawn
Self destruct and logoff timer mechanics5.009Failed 1 for, 8 against
Ship balancing5.005Passed 7 for, 2 against
Show current number of jobs in science and industry pages5.007Passed 9 for, 0 against

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