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Meeting 5.005

25 Jul 2010

Meeting Minutes: Raw

Mynxee, Dierdra Vaal, Korvin, Vuk Lau, TeaDaze, Meissa Anunthiel, Trebor Daehdoow, Sokratesz, mazzilliu, T'Amber (alt), ALPHA12125 (alt)

Helen Highwater (alt)

ElvenLord (alt)

Meeting started at 16:33

Voting Results
MynxeeDierdra VaalKorvinVuk LauTeaDazeMeissa AnunthielTrebor DaehdoowSokrateszmazzilliuT'Amber (alt)ALPHA12125 (alt)
1. Scanning ColorsTrebor Daehdoow   
2. Devs Should Play the Gamemazzilliu   
3. Neutral orcas in high sec warsDierdra Vaal   
4. Ship balancingmazzilliu   
5. API security and development priority changesmazzilliu   
6. Courier contract improvementsDierdra Vaal   
7. Create a new subsection for lotteries in EVE Marketplacemazzilliu   
8. Clarify the actual changes when updating the eulamazzilliu   

Meeting Finished at 18:01

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