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Delegate information for CSM4

Proposals raised by TeaDaze during CSM4

ProposalRaised duringVoting Status
Account Security Enhancements4.004Passed 9 for, 0 against
Allow naming any ship in your hanger4.007Passed 8 for, 0 against
Allow reactivation of accidentally deactivated modules4.008Passed 7 for, 2 against
BPO lockdown by majority stockholder4.010Proposal sent back for rework
End ghost (unpaid account) datacore production4.009Passed 9 for, 0 against
Eve font changes - Progress requested4.008No vote required
Experimental Gallente storyline missions4.009Passed 9 for, 0 against
Forum timer - Again4.010No vote required
FW complex NPCs and standings (Part 2)4.002Passed 9 for, 0 against
Improve POS missile batteries4.008Passed 9 for, 0 against
Improvements to the F11 navigation panel4.010Passed 7 for, 0 against
Increase forum signature file size limit4.006Passed 8 for, 1 against
Issue when Copying and pasting links in Chat4.008Passed 8 for, 1 against
Localise the CSM Output4.007Passed 7 for, 1 against
Reconnect to lost drones4.006Passed 8 for, 1 against
Save and Reuse Probe Bubble Patterns4.007Passed 7 for, 1 against
Ship Active Tank Bonus Buff4.007Passed 6 for, 2 against
Show damaged drones in drone bay4.010Passed 7 for, 0 against
Sound issues4.008Passed 8 for, 0 against
T3 Refitting inside Wspace4.005Passed 7 for, 0 against
Tower under Attack Mails to POS Gunners4.006Passed 7 for, 2 against
View ship fittings in hanger without boarding ship4.009Passed 9 for, 0 against

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