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Meeting 4.010

02 May 2010

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ElvenLord, Alekseyev Karrde, TeaDaze, Korvin, Z0D, Helen Highwater (alt), Meissa Anunthiel (alt)

Zastrow, Mrs Trzzbk, Song Li, Sokratesz, T'Amber (alt), Farscape Hw (alt), Serenity Steele (alt)

Meeting started at 17:12

Voting Results
ElvenLordAlekseyev KarrdeTeaDazeKorvinZ0DHelen Highwater (alt)Meissa Anunthiel (alt)
1. BPO lockdown by majority stockholderTeaDaze Proposal sent back for rework
2. Show damaged drones in drone bayTeaDaze
3. Forum timer - AgainTeaDaze No vote required
4. Improvements to the F11 navigation panelTeaDaze

Meeting Finished at 17:47

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