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After a tough campaign the results are in, and so am I – again 😀

I’m very pleased to see Mynxee taking on the Chairperson position in a council that is once again lacking in large alliance domination. All the “Alliance powerblocks will take over the CSM” doom-mongers can take a break for 10months till the CSM6 elections 😉

Dierdra Vaal is also in along with a few faces from CSM4. I am rather surprised to see ElvenLord the current chairman so far down the list and that sadly Helen Highwater and T’Amber are once again limited to the alternate role.

I’ll be updating the CSM Database once eve-gate comes up.

I’m in 😀

The initial results of the CSM5 elections are out, which was a very quick turnaround from CCP. However as is usually the case they omitted some key information and this has had a few people complaining on the forums (this in itself seems to be the usual position for forums but anyway ;)).

It can be seen a teasing to make people wait a week for the results of an online election, especially after basically announcing that they have the results.

So far CCP have released the following information

  • 39,433 votes were cast, compared to 21,787 for CSM4
  • Of these votes, 754 voters abstained and 38,679 were for candidates
  • The turnout for the election was 12.67%

The increased turnout is likely to be a combination of Eve login prompts, external media coverage (Massively and Eve-Tribune), Eve blogs (Such as I am Keith Neilson who interviewed many of the candidates) and general increased campaigning from candidates. Sadly there was a fair bit of negative campaigning and misinformation/scaremongering going on too, I guess this is also par for the course.

The most contentious results are the vote counts of the final 9 delegates and 5 alternates. Many people think CCP should have released the names by now too but currently only CCP know who achieved each result and they are remaining tight lipped till the 26th…

Delegates (votes only):

  1. 4116 (Chair)
  2. 3360
  3. 2521
  4. 2196
  5. 1649
  6. 1553
  7. 1519
  8. 1463
  9. 1260

Alternates (votes only):

  1. 1180
  2. 1173
  3. 1172
  4. 1104
  5. 1006

Comparing CSM4 to CSM5, the cutoff point to get into the top 9 is up from 744 to 1260 and the cutoff to being an alternate is up from 557 to 1006. I predict a few upsets based on this increased vote requirement.

We’ll just have to wait another couple of days to find out. Until then these figures, comments and some graphs can be found on the official initial announcement thread

CSM5 voting has ended and now we await the results which will be released on the 28th 26th (CCP have brought it forward a couple of days).

Many thanks again to all the people who supported my campaign 🙂

We are into the last full day of CSM5 campaigning and I have to give many thanks to my friends in Agony and elsewhere for their support over the past few weeks. Special thanks to Spinward for running another new seminar for free. We’ll get the MP3 up as soon as we can.

My interview with the Eve Tribune has been published. Due to timing it wasn’t done as a “live” interview and thus the questions are not tailored to my replies. I also sent it off after a very long day at work so I apologise for any glaring errors 😉

In other news, I’ve been tweaking and adding stuff to the CSM Database which I plan to keep updated for CSM5 (hopefully from a position on the council, perhaps Secretary ;)) Thanks for the various suggestions for enhancements, I’ll see what I can do.

Lastly the journalist who visited the CCP CSM4 summit has published an article which you can read here. There should also be a 5 page article in the USA version of PC Gamer Magazine, I’m waiting for my copy to arrive so can’t check yet.

If you haven’t yet voted because you have questions etc please get in touch or just click this handy link 😉


Those of you who follow me on Twitter will have already seen this 😉

The beta version of my CSM Database site is up and running.

It allows you to see the voting results of each meeting or a combined list of all proposals plus you can click on a delegate and see all the issues they raised.

I’ll be adding various tweaks and so on as people suggest ideas, plus OmberZombie has been in touch about uploading the data from CSM2, which is great. Thanks also to T’Amber for the title image 🙂

Have a look and let me know what else you would like to see included on the site.

There is still plenty of time to vote but hopefully by now you’ve had a chance to check out all the candidates and have a pretty good idea of who to vote for.

It is important for the future of the CSM project that as many players as possible take the time to vote for somebody, preferably somebody who is serious about the responsibility.

Many thanks to all the people who’ve sent eve-mails or other messages of support 🙂

The Voting for CSM5 has begun however you have till May 19th so if you are still undecided you have time to make up your mind on who would best represent you.

One way to do that (other than reading blogs and threads on the Jita Park Speakers Forum) is Dierdra Vaal’s Vote Match. This tool will allow you to pick issues of importance to you and find a candidate who has similar views.

Of course whatever you do I would urge you to pick not based on hot button issues or promises that they cannot possibly keep but instead look at their long term commitment. With previous CSMs you can see the activity level drops off from many delegates once their pet projects have been raised.

Some of us are in for the long haul and hopefully if you are reading this you’ve seen my level of commitment to the process 🙂

Vote for somebody willing to put in the effort. Hopefully you think I am the candidate for you 🙂

After good feedback I have decided to make the Attendance PDF a regular part of the minutes and link it alongside the raw logs and PDF summary.

Meeting took place Sun 2nd May at 17:12

Eve Wiki Link Summary and raw logs
Downloads Raw Log | PDF Summary | CSM4 Attendance PDF


Present: ElvenLord, Alekseyev Karrde, TeaDaze, Korvin, Z0D, Helen Highwater (alt), Meissa Anunthiel (alt)

Absent: Zastrow, Mrs Trzzbk, Song Li, Sokratesz, T’Amber (alt), Farscape Hw (alt), Serenity Steele (alt)


1. BPO lockdown by majority stockholder

TeaDaze withdrew the proposal for further investigation.

2. Show damaged drones in drone bay

Passed 7 for

3. Forum timer – Again

No vote required

4. Improvements to the F11 navigation panel

Passed 7 for

Other Business

The next meeting was set for Sunday May 23rd at 17:00 Eve time.

Meeting closed at 17:47

It is almost a requirement for a post in the Jita Park Speakers Corner and so here is my campaign thread. Please feel free to bump it with questions or any messages of support (or otherwise ;))

Because not everyone wants to read the eve-online forums or prefer to comment via blogs etc I have cut and pasted the campaign message after the break.

continue reading…

A number of people who were elected into CSM4 have announced they are running for CSM5. To this end I have published the attendance record from CSM4.

Apologies are distinct from Absent because they are announced ahead of time.

Disclaimer: Whilst I am also running for CSM5 these figures are a matter of public record.